Comprehensive and comprehensive communications and public relations strategies and activities in all relevant areas, from media relations, branding, corporate identity, investor relations, and communication to cope with the crisis.


At the heart of every company for existence in the business world is an effective corporate communication plan, which should be designed from top to bottom, with understanding and support from all parties. In the organization from the director level to the staff level, including from outside the organization


Corporate Services

Providing a full range of corporate communications services for the efficient development, maintenance and maintenance of product brand leaders in the market.


Networking with the mass media

Establishing a stable and sustainable network with the mass media in order to lay the foundation for coordination that is consistent with customer communication activities.


Essence development

Create the true key message of the brand through close coordination with customers, which determines the pattern of all types of communication activities both inside and outside the organization.


Creating a stable position in the business world

Strategic development is to create a stable position and position for customers’ brands to be most in line with the target audience of each brand.


Dealing with obstacles

Prepare customers to deal with unexpected situations that may occur, including taking customers smoothly and smoothly, and most importantly, preventing all possible ways to prevent them from occurring.


Salvage the brand’s reputation

Create a strategic development plan to bring customers’ brands back to their leading positions.



Developing customer brand representatives to confidently mediate with the mass media with a dignified image.


Creating an organization that enrich society

Develop and continue projects that benefit the society in order to create a good image for the client’s organization in terms of operations and activities to create society.


Mass media survey

Follow up and check the feedback and opinions of the media on customers’ brand on a regular basis in order to develop a more appropriate communication style.


Meeting important people

Drive customers access to dialogue with key business decision makers in order to make their operations smoothly and ahead of competitors.


Press Release

Photo Release

Exclusive Interview

Tei-in Program

Sponsorship / Project sponsor

Press Conference

Press Launch


Advertorial / Making special advertisements in magazines and publications

Newsletter / Press release

Special Event

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