The Top 3 Technology Trends that Will Transform 2020

A new decade yields a new era. As we prepare to enter a new one, technology has transformed in a variety of ways. From 2020 and probably to the next decade, we’re likely to see mind blowing technology trends from evolution of smart homes to the threat of cyberattack.

Here are the 3 of the biggest trends we think are going to invade our lives in the next decade or so:


An uninterrupted 5G coverage could mean a lot of things. Ultra low latency, reliable telecom operators, and a newly evolved approach to communication. The slow, but steady rise of 5G has begun rolling out in the United states and in a few cities worldwide. As of this writing, it has been working for only a handful of smartphones, but the advantages are really promising.

For example, Samsung has started including 5G support on some its new Android devices, whereas Apple has plans on rolling its first 5G-compatible iphone in the next 2 years.

Imagine being able to download entire movies in a few seconds? Well, thank you 5G!

The Wearable Market

While Google glass caused quite a stir last decade, it’s really a brave attempt that holds a lot of potential. The idea was exceptional, but the development wasn’t. And for that reason, it turned out to be a miserable failure, despite being a breakthrough concept.

With that in mind, should we be expecting more from the wearable market this decade?

The answer is yes. Last decade, we’ve seen Apple create powerful wearables such as the Apple Watch which was used intentionally for health monitoring.

Not long ago, they also introduced Airpods.

There are lots of other ways wearable can be improved in the coming years, and Apple will surely have a huge contribution to that going forward.

Big Data

We hear it everywhere, but how many companies are actually using big data to build stronger analytics?

Not surprisingly, Big Data is already used by several companies worldwide. In statistics, the market is expected to grow by 28.5% this year.

Big data is projected to generate over $300 billion annually. Of course, that’s because there are several industries that are adopting various big data use cases to achieve their business goals.

Right now, it’s mainly used for customer sentiment analysis, where conversations, reviews, feedbacks and comments by customers are analyzed to ensure customer satisfaction.

We’ve seen a lot of tools using big data to analyze content on Social media. Companies who leverage big data can have a clear picture on what they need to be doing in order to outperform their competitors.

Now more than ever, technology has revolutionized the way we do things. With all these trends that we’re excited to see in this decade, technology has been indeed making our lives easier, faster, better, and comfortable.

Rather than being overwhelmed, we should be embracing technology as it is an essential part that influences the way we live.

What technologies excite you most this decade? Let us know in the comments! 

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